About the SniffPhone Project

Screening for cancer made easy

SniffPhone Project aims to develop a small plug-in module for a smart phone that can detect disease from exhaled breath.

It will be invaluable in broad screening efforts for cancer. An ideal screening test need to meet several criteria:
Highly accurate – low in cost – easy to use – comfortable for the patient – easily repeatable. SniffPhone project has the potential to devolop a tool that will be all off that!

SniffPhone strives to be Highly AccurateAffordable Easy to UseComfortableEasy to Repeat,
the ideal Screening Tool!

That is, with SniffPhone patients can breathe into a mouth piece attachable to their smart phone and get instant results.
With the results doctors can tell the patients whether they should come in for further testing or treatment.

How does it work?

A miniaturized array of highly sensitive nanomaterial-based chemical sensors reacts to the patient’s breath.
The results are stored and pre-processed by integrated miniature on-chip microfluidics and electronics.
And then the relevant electrical signals are transferred wirelessly via the mobile phone’s internet to an external server.
If the data shows signs of disease, the doctor is alerted.
High Tech that is Low Maintenance for patients and doctors!

The SniffPhone Project represents a new concept with big potential.
The SniffPhone end product will be smaller, cheaper, more accurate and smarter than any other solution available on the market.

Besides the R&D and clinical units, the SniffPhone project will involve
four European SMEs and one big industrial company.
The international consortium brings together the expertise of partners
from different fields and different countries to make SniffPhone a success.