The SniffPhone consortium

Participating organizations and main roles in the project

  1. Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa - Israel, Leader: Prof. Hossam Haick
    Development of the artificial sensory system; Project management; Dissemination & Visibility
  2. SIEMENS AG Corporate Technology, Munich - Germany, Leaders: Prof. Maximilian Fleischer and  Dr. Andreas Kappel
    Market input, technology benchmarking and exploration of opportunities for future technology, translation
  3. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland, Leader: Dr. Marko Kallio
    Analysis of signals, constituent ethical & security management and user studies
  4. University of Innsbruck, Innnsbruck - Austria, Leader: Prof. Anton Amann
    VOC analysis with MS methods
  5. University of Latvia, Riga - Latvia, Leader: Prof. Marcis Leja
    Recruitment of patients and clinical study
  6. microfluidic ChipShop Gmbh, Jena - Germany, Leader: Prof. Holger Becker
    Microfludics cell fabrication
  7. NanoVation, Haifa - Israel, Leader: Dr. Gregory Shuster
    Vital signs and controlled breath collection
  8. Cellix Limited, Dublin - Ireland, Leader: Mr. Dmitry Kashanin
    Breath control into the microfluidic cell
  9.  JLM Innovation GmbH, Tübingen - Germany, Leader: Dr. Jan Mitrovics
    System integration