Work Packages

By the end of project, we hope that the SniffPhone is not just a good concept
but one that revolutionizes cancer research and practice in general.

To achieve SniffPhone's objectives, a 42-month work plan has been designed.
SniffPhone contains six RTD work packages (WP) and three WPs related to management and dissemination/exploitation.

To make optimum use of resources, it is crucial to have lab-track and clinical-track research in parallel.
The end-point of the project will be a fully clinically validated, professional, and easy-to-use point-of-care in-vitro platform.
It will be validated for gastric cancer diagnosis and genomic testing.
The WPs are designed such that they either contribute essentially to the ‘lab-track’ or to the ‘clinical-track’ RTD
while encouraging synergies between the two through linking partners that contribute to both tracks.

SniffPhone Work Packages

  1. Realization of nano-material based sensors array
  2. Realization of a miniaturized tool that collect the disease VOC signature from breath
  3. Realization of a microfluidic device that transfer the breath from breath collection tool into the sensors array
  4. Smartphone Plug-In Module Development of electronic unit
  5. Implement ICT and security approaches to manage the output signals from the sensors
  6. Use the SniffPhonefor the identification and screening of gastric cancer from breath samples
  7. Realization of the device exploitation including ethical approaches and user feedback
  8. Dissemination & Visibility
  9. Project management