Work Package 5

Implement ICT and security approaches to manage the output signals from the sensors

  1. Development of Mobile-Cloud-Server communication and interface
  2. Adaptation of standard and interoperable methods in data transmission to SniffPhone architecture and compliance of security standards and privacy regulation.
  3. Development and implementation of data analysis algorithms

The ICT-combined clinical track addresses validation of the industrial miniaturised prototype, development of the protocols for breath sample collection and screening output (main actors: UoL, SIEMENS), and preparation of a database for collection and storage of the clinical data on the external server that was prepared in the industrial track (main actors: UoL, VTT, SIEMENS). The exploitation track addresses ethical issues and user studies related to the implementation of the responsible research and innovation approach of the proposed research. Feedback from the device end-users and other stakeholders will be collected throughout the entire project timeline to support the development process and full exploitation of the instrument for medical purposes.